Our products have gone to some surprising places –

Antarctica, St Vincent and the Grenadines, South Africa, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Gibraltar,
Netherlands, Tenerife, United States, Kuwait, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, France, Spain, Canada,
Médecins Sans Frontières (Belgium), Ukraine,
McLaren F1, Williams F1, Nissan LMP1, Dyson Technology,
The Royal Yacht Britannia, P&O’s MV Britannia
and two of the world’s largest superyachts,
MY Eclipse (Roman Abramovich) and MY Octopus (Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen).

About Us – The Beginning

Hi, I’m Ron Connor founder of Connor Innovations.

In 1986, after 27 years maintaining warships at Chatham, then Devonport Royal Naval Dockyards, I retired early. I was at a loss at what to do next until one afternoon I saw an elderly gentleman struggling to keep a 15 kg Calor Gas bottle on a sack trolley. I got home thinking there must be a better way and I quickly scribbled down a trolley design with a hook that went into the handhold of the Calor bottle. Later that day came the eureka moment – put a hook on the other side of the trolley and you can handle two bottle sizes – the 19-47 trolley was born.

With my son John as my business partner, production started in my (very small) garage.

This user-friendly trolley was an instant success with all involved in moving these heavy, awkward bottles – Immediately outselling all other LPG trolleys on the UK market.

Many manufacturers now copy the 19-47 concept, though not the strength or quality – It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Other LPG trolley designs quickly followed – most are certificated by the Appliance Testing Laboratory of Calor Gas Ltd.

Our trolleys are now used by all of the major LP gas companies throughout the UK.

These innovative trolleys gained 3rd place in both the
1987 and 1988 South of England Invention of the Year Competition,
and a ‘Certificate of Recognition’ in the
1988 South West of England Invention of the Year Competition.

His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales
presenting Ron Connor with a certificate
at the finals of the 1988 Cornwall Business Challenge.

After the presentation, Prince Charles referred to Connor Innovations as
‘bespoke trolley manufacturers’.
We feel this aptly describes our business.

We were also finalists in the 1989 Cornwall Business Challenge.

Sophie Mirman of Sockshop International
presented Ron Connor with a much appreciated
cheque for £3,500 from Bond Pearce Solicitors.

His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales presenting Ron Connor with a certificate at the finals of the 1988 Cornwall Business Challenge
Trolley, barrow work stand for outboard motors, OBMs, boat engines, marine engines. NATO Stock Number 3920-99-809-1558 Health & safety. Made in Britain.

In 1990 we designed and manufactured
a trolley/work stand for heavy outboard motors.

We demonstrated the prototype to
Royal Marines of the
539 Assault Squadron at Plymouth

3 were purchased for assessment during a winter exercise in Norway.

Over 600 are now used throughout the UK Ministry of Defence

(NATO Stock Number 3920-99-809-1558).

In 1993, after extensive trials and comparative testing by the respected
Research & Development Department of Whitbread plc,
an early version of our 9-22 beer keg trolley was found to be the quickest,
easiest and safest to use – a supply contract quickly followed.

Our beer keg trolleys and keg skates were chosen by
InBev for the 2005-6 “Bass Appreciation Rewards Scheme”.

In 1994 we were asked to design an LP gas trolley
for Primagaz France.

On receipt of the prototype Primagaz immediately
0rdered 350 units – in just 17 days this
order was completed and delivered and
we were paid in full 13 days later.

Further orders followed totalling over 4,000 units
(2,000 in one batch were completed in 8 weeks).

In 1994 we were asked to design an LP gas trolley for Primagaz France.

In 2002, BOC Ltd asked us to design a lead-up ramp and a cylinder restraint system for their lorry tail lifts.

Our designs were quickly accepted, 600+ lead-up ramps and 900+ cylinder restraint systems have been supplied by us to date.

BOC have also purchased over 2,000 trolleys of various designs for use on their lorries and in their depots.

Our reputation for problem solving is spreading far and wide.

If you have a manual handling task that is causing concern,
please contact us and we will endeavour to design and manufacture
a solution that is quicker, easier and safer to use.